What are the types of tapered button bits

Tapered Button bit is currently the most commonly used bit type in rotary drilling operations. This general type has a variety of tooth designs and bearing types and is suitable for various forming characteristics. When rotating at the bottom, the three cones rotate around their axes. Buttons also have a great influence on the drilling effect of the rolling head. They are used to drill soft formations. As the rock type becomes harder, the tooth length and cone offset must be reduced to prevent tooth fracture. The metallurgical requirements also depend on the characteristics of the formation. The two main types used are.

Tapered Button bit

Milling cutters, tungsten carbide blades, mill teeth from a steel cone, while tungsten carbide blades are manufactured by pressing a tungsten carbide cylinder into a precisely machined hole in the cone. The cutter head is designed for soft structure in the tooth. The side facing the wear-resistant material, such as tungsten carbide, is designed for drilling harder formations through special processing for surface hardening, and the tool is heat treated during the manufacturing process to drill tungsten carbide teeth in soft formations Very long with chisel-shaped ends, in this drill bit, the roller bearing is eliminated, and the cone rotates to contact the journal bearing pin. Two general types of drag bits are used. The traditional one is a natural diamond matrix drill bit, in which industrial grade diamond is set as a drill bit manufactured by powder metallurgy technology.

The size, shape, quantity, quality and exposure are all carefully customized to provide the best performance for a specific formation. Each drill bit is designed and manufactured for a specific job, not like mass production, matrix diamond drill bit By grinding and cutting the rock, the main function of the fluid is to conduct heat away from the diamond.

The polycrystalline diamond composite drill bit, including a cutter made of synthetic diamond material, can cut much larger than natural diamonds. It is designed to cut rocks by shearing. The PDC bit is very successful in uniform and soft to medium-strength formations. , It is two to three times faster than the roller cone bit and has a longer service life.

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