China Metallurgical North signed a mining and dressing engineering design contract for the Banggou iron ore project in Peru



On February 19, MCC North and Zhongrong Xinda (Qingdao) Mineral Resources Co., Ltd. signed a mining and dressing engineering design contract for the Banggou iron mining project in Peru.

The Peru Banggou iron mining project is located on the south coast of Peru in South America, 50 kilometers south of Nazca and 550 kilometers from the capital Lima. The mining area covers 263 square kilometers and has 39 mineral rights. The explored resources in the area have reached 4 billion tons, of which the iron content of lump ore is more than 40%. The ore also contains polymetallic elements such as gold, copper, and cobalt. The design contract signed this time is the basic design. The main content of the design includes the mining, beneficiation, dumping site, tailings pond, and concentrate filtration of the project's mine production facilities. The mining design scale is 50 million tons/year. The project will be designed with BIM three-dimensional technology, and the design standards will be implemented in accordance with American standards and local Peruvian standards.


Zhongrong Xinda (Qingdao) Mineral Resources Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Zhongrong Xinda Group Co., Ltd. Zhongrong Xinda Group was founded in 2003, focusing on energy and chemical industry, financial investment, logistics clean energy, and mineral resource development. The main business is an international large-scale group enterprise.

This project is another achievement of MCC North's deep cultivation of the Peruvian mining market in South America after the Shougang Secret Iron and Minmetals Bangbas projects. It fully embodies that the company occupies a base once it develops a project, and then radiates an area, deep plowing and continuous excavation. Marketing strategy of the market. At the same time, it also demonstrates the status of the national team of MCC North in the field of mining technical services, and will lay a more solid foundation for the company to develop overseas business.

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