Choosing rock drill tools should have the following characteristics


The drill rod is drilled and blasted in the drilling and blasting engineering, and its cross-sectional area is very small. This slender rod has to withstand the high frequency and high impact power of the rock drill under the conditions of severe wear and corrosive media. Cyclic stresses such as tension, compression, bending, and torsion. Depending on the load size and rock solidity and other conditions, the rock drilling life is often only a dozen hours to more than a hundred hours. It is the harsh force condition, short service life, and high technical content of all human mechanical tools. Engineering tools that consume huge amounts of basic industries.

As every drill tool user hopes to spend a small cost to obtain large profits, this requires reducing the loss of drill tools; therefore, drill tool producers and users should cooperate closely and discuss together to improve the performance of rock drilling tools. Service life together

From the user's point of view, the choice of drill products should have the following characteristics:

(1) Good rock drilling rate: In trolley operations, except for labor remuneration and drilling tool purchase costs, other man-hour costs are regarded as fixed costs, and drilling tool costs account for a high cost in rock drilling operations, so , Increasing the drilling speed means reducing the construction cost. Therefore, users attach great importance to improving the drilling speed.

(2) High-quality drill products: Generally, the shank products are required to have a long life to reduce the time for dismantling and replacing the shank. The requirements on the drill rod and drill bit are also quite high, because the fracture of the drill rod will not only lose the drill rod and bit, but also cause waste holes. Due to the high degree of automation of the hydraulic rock drilling rig, the operator does not need to pay a lot of labor intensity during normal production. Disassembling the machine to replace the drill tail, salvage the broken drill rod or repair the drill bit will not only waste man-hours, but also increase the operation. Labor intensity and labor cost of personnel. Therefore, when users choose drill products, they pay more attention not only to the price of the product, but also to the quality of the product.

(3) Small blast hole deflection: In medium and deep hole drilling and blasting, the blast hole deflection means that the charge amount is reduced and the blast hole spacing is shortened, which also leads to a decrease in the mining volume. Straightness requirements are very high, usually controlled within a small error range. The main reasons for the deflection of the blast hole are the error in the hole during drilling, the error in the calibration blast hole, and the straightness error in the process of drilling with a drill. In the full hydraulic rock drilling rig or computer-controlled hydraulic drilling rig, the rock drilling The first two errors can basically be eliminated, and the deflection of the blast hole due to the product structure of the drilling tool is the main reason. As the drilling depth increases, the degree of deflection will increase, eventually resulting in waste holes, reducing or eliminating blast holes A good way to deviate is to use guided rock drilling tools.

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