Instructions for using the drill bit


Instructions for the use of the in-line drill bit The in-line drill bit is a widely used rock drilling bit in China. Its connection form is mainly a conical connection, and it is used in conjunction with a conical drill rod (commonly known as a finished drill). In order to use the in-line drill bit correctly and ensure the normal service life, the following points must be paid attention to: 1. Ensure that it is well matched with the tapered drill rod (the taper is the same, the depth of the drill rod inserted into the taper hole of the drill bit must be greater than 25mm, and the drill rod head must be The bottom of the drill bit should not touch the bottom of the drill bit hole), otherwise it is easy to cause the loss of the drill bit; Note: It is best to use the drill bit product and the tapered drill rod used by the same manufacturer to ensure that the taper is consistent and has a good fit. 2. The rock drill should reduce the air volume when opening the hole to reduce the damage to the drill bit caused by the high stress of the cemented carbide sheet. When the drill bit is completely drilled into the rock, use the normal air volume; 3. When the platform width appears on the edge of the drill bit When it is ≥3mm, it should be replaced or repaired in time to avoid reducing the rock drilling speed, resulting in bits and pieces of the drill bit, and reducing the service life; when the drill bit has an inverted cone, it should be replaced or repaired in time. 4. If foreign objects such as steel bars are encountered when using the drill bit, the drilling position should be adjusted to prevent the drill bit from being damaged; 6. For the rock that causes serious wear of the in-line drill bit, slow rock drilling and serious debris, consider replacing other alloy grade drill bits or use a cross drill bit. Type drill bit, ball tooth drill bit, and notify our company in writing in time for timely processing. The contents of the notice mainly include: 1), rock drill model used, wind pressure, and air volume; 2) rock type and hardness, construction site (open air, underground, others), drilling construction method (downward, horizontal, mixed , others); 3), the type, quantity, life, damage form of damaged drill bits; 4), the average life of normal drill bits; 5), the planned service life; 6), the average service life of other manufacturers. 7), our company's product model. 7. When the rock is soft and easy to drill, using the integral drill (the drill bit is made directly on the drill rod) can greatly improve the rock drilling speed; 8. For vertical rock drilling, the use of the integral drill can avoid the loss of the drill bit At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the powder discharge is normal, otherwise, the drill bit will be seriously worn; 9. During the rock drilling process, the drill bit should try to ensure the water supply to prevent the drill from sticking and improve the service life of the drill bit and rock drilling efficiency; 10. Our company In-line drill bits of the same specification, different grades and models of alloy sheets can be provided.

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