Introduction to the heat treatment process of heavy drilling tools


Introduction to the heat treatment process of heavy drilling tools. The basis of needle drill processing is steel for heavy drilling tools. With the development of impact rock drilling machinery, various series and categories have gradually formed. In the production of needle bars, it is possible only when the steel type is correctly selected. Choose heat that can give full play to the advantages of this steel grade for treatment, so as not to waste resources, and to ensure the quality and life of the tie rod. The handling of heavy drilling tools is very important, let us find out.

What are the selection and treatment of drilling tools, the basic requirements of the needle bar and the failure analysis of the needle bar, the failure reasons of the drilling tool, the unreasonable structure design of the drilling tool or the defects of the various processing procedures of the needle making process, the processing steps may be interspersed, and Mistakes in use, etc., and whether the treatment is appropriate is the standard for determining whether the product is qualified.

Whether there are quality problems during processing is inherent, essential, and unavoidable. We must focus on the main reasons for fiber failure and eliminate various external factors. We still have to choose to ensure the internal quality.

The choice of treatment should follow the principles of economy, rationality and feasibility, and the goal should be to save resources. The current development of processing technology, in addition to processing, chemical processing, vacuum processing, laser, electron beam and other processing, physical vapor deposition, and chemical vapor deposition, spraying and other new surface strengthening heat treatment technology.

The development of heavy-duty drilling tools has great limitations in addition to the overall treatment. Because some treatment processes cannot meet the basic requirements of each part of the drilling tool, it is said that several treatment methods should be selected to treat each part separately, and To consider economy, rationality and feasibility, and to determine the quality of drilling tools, a better way is to conduct field mine rock drilling tests. In addition, there are some other methods.

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