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According to the number of cones, it can be divided into single cone bits, tri-cone bits and assembled multi-cone bits. According to the cutting material, it can be divided into steel teeth (milling teeth) and tooth roller cone bits.

As a tool for drilling rock formations, roller cone bits have been widely used. Significant improvements in drill bit performance have directly reduced drilling costs, especially the fastest progress in the past decade. Service life and drilling speed are two performance indicators, which ultimately determine the extent to which the drill bit affects the cost of drilling. Increasing the drill bit's ROP and service life is an effective way to reduce drilling costs. Data has proven that the improvement of the drill rate has a greater impact on the reduction of drilling costs than the improvement of the drill bit life. The improvement of the drill bit cutting structure is to improve the drill bit’s machinery. The most direct method of drilling speed. For a long time, the improvement of the cutting structure has mainly focused on the main cutting tooth structure. For example, in the cemented carbide tooth structure, people have invented roller cone bits | tri-cone bits | 216 roller cone bits and large-aperture roller bits. Manufacturers of wedge-shaped teeth, spoon-shaped teeth, partial top spoon-shaped teeth, and other wear teeth. People gradually realized that the gauge structure also has a greater impact on the drilling speed and life of the drill bit, especially the drill bit used in highly deviated wells and horizontal wells requires a reasonable roller cone bit| tri-cone bit|216 cone bit size Aperture roller cone bit manufacturers have gauge structures, and many new gauge structures have been researched and developed and applied to cone bits with good results.

It can be seen from the research and application dynamics of tri-cone bit gage structure by drill bit manufacturers and research institutions that people gradually realize that gage structure has a greater impact on drill bit ROP and life, especially in directional wells and horizontal wells. The impact is even greater. The new type of drill gauge structure researched and developed has achieved good results in the application of roller cone bits. The drill gage structure has developed from passive gage to active gage, and the gage material has developed from low wear-resistant materials to highly wear-resistant composite materials. The improvement of drill gage structure and materials has greatly improved the performance of the drill and further improved the performance of the drill. Mechanical drilling speed and life. There is a certain gap in the research of gauge structure and materials at home and abroad. The relevant domestic drill bit research institutions and manufacturers should further strengthen the research on gauge structure and materials, and pay special attention to the research and application of some active gauge structures in drill bits to further improve domestically made teeth. The performance of the wheel bit provides the drilling user with a high-efficiency bit that adapts to the new drilling technology.

The roller cone bit is the most widely used in oil drilling and geological drilling. The roller cone bit has the functions of impacting, crushing and shearing the formation rock when rotating, so the roller cone bit can adapt to various soft, medium and hard formations. Especially after the emergence of jet roller cone bits and long nozzle roller cone bits, the drilling speed of roller cone bits has greatly increased, which is a major revolution in the history of roller cone bits. According to the type of teeth, roller cone bits can be divided into milling teeth (steel teeth) roller cone bits, insert teeth (inlaid with cemented carbide teeth on the cone) roller cone bits; according to the number of cones, they can be divided into single cone bits and three teeth Wheel bits and assembled multi-cone bits. Tri-cone bits are the most commonly used and most commonly used at home and abroad.

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