What processing problems do you need to know about open-ended drills?


For diamond core drilling of open-hole drill bit manufacturers, hydraulic drilling rigs with higher rotational speed and wider speed regulation range must be selected, and equipped with a bottom-hole pressure indicator. At the same time, a speed and torque meter is also required. When choosing a motor driver, you must also have a voltmeter and an ammeter.

  Drill bit manufacturers should use variable displacement pumps for diamond core drilling, and must be equipped with pump pressure gauges and flow meters. The pump volume of the shank bit should be easily adjustable. You must know that the blast furnace drill bit will wear out over time, and long-term drilling will make the drill bit smooth, so increase the number of regrinds. In general, the wear depth of the full length of the cutting edge within two days should be less than mm. The mm should be removed when regrinding. Traditional fixed shank bits can be ground once, and spade bits can be ground twice. Excessive grinding can reduce drilling quality and accuracy, resulting in product scrap.

  Over-grinding can be counterproductive. Good contact is required, and the contact stress meets the requirements of 146 eccentric drill bits. The shank bit has been sold for a long time without stalling the blast furnace opening bit. Blast furnace drill bit manufacturers have no hands-free spread, and the price is % higher than the market price! The price above the ton is higher! If it is damaged or has exceeded its service life, it should be updated in time, and it should not be operated with illness. Check the anti-sealing condition of the anti-unboxing and anti-box sealing joints, and it needs to be sealed; if the condition is good, such as the shank bit is not tightly sealed, the seal should be replaced Rubber ring or seal with sealant.

  Open drill bit processing, blast furnace drill bit is an indispensable accessory in the drill bit. Drill bit drilling machines are basically used to drill through holes or blind holes in solid materials, and can ream existing holes. The commonly used blast furnace bits are mainly twist drills, coal blast furnace drills; drill bits, diamond blast furnace bits, special blast furnace bits for water exploration, etc. Users can choose and buy according to their own needs. Semi-automatic operation is divided into headwind cutoff and normal cutoff. The main trend of coal injection technology development in blast furnace injection operation: large coal injection volume and large coke ratio. The drilling footage of the drill bit mainly depends on the size and type of the drill bit, blast furnace drill bit, blast furnace drill bit wholesale, blast furnace drill bit, hole drilling machine drill bit, blast furnace drill bit manufacturer, cross drill bit, ball tooth drill bit, pneumatic drill bit, open iron drill bit , The quality of the drill bit is good or not, and whether the drill bit type is suitable for the formation lithology.

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