Application characteristics of drill pipe for underground mining


Down the hole mining drill pipe is the member of the drilling tool to connect the drill bit to transmit power. Drill pipe for underground mining is a kind of mechanical parts product, which is common in the process of oil and gas extraction, and is a reusable drill pipe. We require strong pressure bearing capacity, free torsion, bending and vibration. The basic functions of underground mining drill pipe are as follows: go deep; apply drilling pressure; power transmission; transport drilling fluid; perform special work: cement extrusion, underground accident handling, etc.

Purpose of underground mining drill pipe:

Downhole mining drill pipe is a threaded steel pipe at the end used to connect the surface equipment of the drilling rig and the carbonylation bit or bottom hole device at the bottom of the hole. The purpose of downhole mining drill pipe is to carry the drilling mud with the drill bit and to raise, lower or rotate the drilling device with the bit. Drills must be able to withstand pressure, torsion, bending and vibration in and outside the world. In the process of oil and gas extraction and refining, underground mining drill pipe can be used many times. _Drill pipe for underground mining_Drill pipe for surface mining_Drill pipe manufacturer

Mine pipes and round steel pipes are made into underground mining drill pipes after several processing stages. First, through the processing of the steel pipe thickening process, the appearance of the light pipe is bent towards the inside, and the steel pipe wall is thickened. Next, threading is carried out, and copper is plated to increase the strength. Then, a non-destructive quality control inspection is carried out, and the main body of the steel pipe is welded. Welded joint residual pressure is eliminated by welding heat treatment and welding treatment. Other tests such as hardness testing, pressure testing, non-destructive testing, etc. must be performed on the finished steel pipe before painting and packaging the finished underground mining drill pipe.

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