In addition to expansive agent, what else can crack open rock rock splitting machine


 In addition to expansive agents, there are many manufacturers of cracking open stones, which are relatively mature, but they are basically not used in rock mining, and are used in small-scale and small-scale projects. The surrounding environment will not be affected, even in densely populated areas or indoors, and near the equipment, enough to operate without disturbance. Economical This splitting machine can complete the splitting process in a few seconds, and can operate continuously without interruption. It has high efficiency and low operation and maintenance costs. It adopts or other time-consuming and expensive measures like the original operation. Because it is easy to use, it is used by many people. In the future, chemical equipment will be widely used in hydraulic machinery and equipment. With the support of such skills, the level of development in this field will be further improved. Environmental protection This splitting machine will not occur, impact, noise, dust, flying debris, etc. during operation. If a splitting machine is used for mining, just open a few holes and some grooves on the surface of the stone to be mined, and then use the splitting machine to split the stone. For example, the same mining of 10 meters long, 6 meters wide and 6 meters high stone.

rock demolition

How to use: Drill 110MM holes, the depth of the holes is 1.6 meters, the spacing of the holes is about 2.5 meters, and the hole splitting machine can be used to split several cubic rocks within tens of seconds. How much is a set of rock splitting rod manufacturers selling 180 hydraulic splitting rods. The working time is short, that is, the time it takes to extend from the cylinder. The obvious effect of the rock can be achieved within 1 minute. First put the hydraulic splitting rod into the 180 holes, be sure to put it all in. Turn on the power, switch the manual reversing valve to the blue tubing, start to inject oil, and begin to extend, generating thrust in the hole toward the empty surface, and there will be lines on the rock surface. Underground foundation, subway, trenchless pipe jacking engineering, road construction engineering and other geotechnical engineering, earthquake relief, no vibration of boulders in rescue
Controllable gravel direction, high splitting precision, can work in indoor narrow venues, buildings and machinery equipment. It can also be used for underwater construction. Our factory uses high-carbon alloy steel, which is more durable and has a life span of 5 times that of ordinary mechanical blocks. In addition, our factory also produces stones between 5 and 8 cubic meters at a time. It is manufactured with a one-to-one ratio of advanced technology. Parameters: Drilling diameter: 90-120mm Drilling depth: 2000mm Force: 6500 tons Equipment size (length * width * height) mm It can not only replace the type that can often be used in construction, Dismantling equipment and those that cannot be used or inconvenient to use, such as those that are not allowed, cannot be used in large-scale equipment. The real rock splitting is invincible-faster, stronger, and more economical. It has the following advantages: 1. Force tonnage comparison: force is 3500 tons, two. Depth comparison: The depth is 1-4 meters, and the main application areas: non-mined stone in medium and large stone yards.

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