What are the advantages of the tapered button bit


For drilling and excavation, the horizontally oriented machine drills underground. When the drill bit reaches the end of the drill hole, the pipe is connected and pulled back through the hole. The flexibility of the button bit, as well as excellent tensile strength and wear resistance, Become the first choice for drilling and digging technology. Button bit pipes can be used in rivers, lakes, and roads to minimize environmental and public interference. Compared with the use of open methods, the use of a less invasive button bit system is more cost-effective.

In addition to excellent physical properties, button bits have the least impact on the environment. The energy required to manufacture button bits is less than that of non-plastic pipes. The button bits are lighter in weight, less transportation costs, flexibility, and more Few accessories. In mining equipment, the button bit has a great advantage in physical characteristics. Compared with the installation of other fusible products, it can reduce interruption and will not be released into the ground or water during the production process, fusion process and use process Toxins are also highly recoverable.

The wear of the tool body of the drill bit will affect the load capacity. The overload inspection should be carried out according to the accumulated wear. Check all the drill bits after each work to ensure that the equipment is safe and correct in the next use. After inspection, the drill bit can be classified into grades. Some may be severely worn and need to be downgraded. However, as the grade drops, the available working range will also decrease until it is discarded. Thorough inspection is very important and needs to be able to withstand the load. Failure to do so may cause the drill string to separate. All the consequences will result in a large amount of time and cost to visit, affecting the efficiency of operation and production safety.

The button bit should be calibrated for downhole conditions as much as possible. Different configurations work better on different structures. Due to the wear of the bit, the drilling engineer chooses the appropriate bit according to the type of formation encountered.

tapered button bit

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