Non-explosive rock cracking agents has broad market development space

With the development of science and technology, the current new static blasting construction technology adopts Non-explosive rock cracking agents, and the new mechanized static blasting construction technology is a new type of construction technology. Due to the traditional static blasting method using expansion agent and crushing agent, the cycle is long, the construction output is low, the requirements of the site's empty surface are high, the impact of rain and temperature is greatly affected, and there are more factors such as shotcrete and strong alkaline hazards. It is eliminated in the construction process that cannot be used for blasting operations. The mechanized static blasting technology uses a static blasting super rock splitter and uses hydraulic mechanical methods to crack the rock. It has great technology to break the rock when it cannot be used in the construction earthwork engineering. Advantage.

static blasting

The silent expansion agent is easy to operate, safe to carry and transport. When cutting and crushing rocks, it can be free of flying rocks, vibrations, shock waves, noise, dust, and toxic gas emissions. Therefore, it can be used for urban building demolition, rock foundation Trench excavation, secondary crushing of large rocks and stone mining and other projects. Compared with blasting, the silent expansion agent for rock crushing has the disadvantages of long action time and higher cost. Research new additives. Shortening the reaction time, increasing the expansion force, and reducing the cost are the directions for improvement.

The silent expansion agent is safe and easy to manage. The static crushing agent is a non-explosive dangerous product, and it is not needed during construction, and there is no need to apply for various permits required for conventional crushing. No special work such as crushing is required during operation. Crushing agent can be purchased, transported and used just like other ordinary goods.

Non-explosive rock cracking agents

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