DTH hammer is a kind of basic equipment needed for drilling engineering


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DTH hammer, a kind of basic equipment used in drilling projects, is generally divided into two types.

DTH hammer

One, pneumatic DTH hammer

English: pneumatic percussion hammer, pneumatic down-the-hole hammer is also known as a pneumatic DTH hammer and a pneumatic DTH hammer. A power tool at the bottom of a hole that uses compressed air as the power medium and uses the energy of the compressed air to generate continuous impact loads. Compressed air can also be used as a pore washing medium at the same time.

Pneumatic DTH hammer has high wind pressure and low wind pressure, valve type and valveless type. Usually, the pneumatic DTH hammer is directly connected with the cemented carbide column tooth bit to crush the rock in an impact mode, and the low-speed rotation does not coring for full drilling.

is mainly used in hydrological and water well drilling, coreless geological drilling, geological disaster prevention and control engineering, and mining rock drilling and other fields.Suitable for application in gravel and hard rock formations, drill bits with special structure can also be used in soft soil formations. Mechanical drilling speed is generally much higher than hydraulic DTH hammer drilling, but it needs to be equipped with a larger capacity air compressor, which consumes a lot of fuel, and causes noise and dust pollution. The drilling depth is greatly affected by the groundwater level and water volume.

2. Hydraulic DTH hammer

English: hydro-hammer, hydro-percussive hammer, down the-hole hammer (DTM) is also known as hydraulic impact rotary drilling tool and hydraulic down-the-hole hammer. Drilling flushing fluid is used as the power medium to generate continuous impact load by using high-pressure fluid energy and dynamic water hammer energy. is usually directly connected to the upper part of the core bit. While rotating drilling, the continuous impact load is transmitted to the core bit, so that the bit can crush the rock by rotating cutting and impact. is used for geological core drilling, especially suitable for hard, broken rock formations and medium-hard coarse-grained heterogeneous rock formations.

The hydraulic impact rotary drilling technology can increase the ROP, extend the return footage, and slow down the bending of the borehole. This is an invention in China, and large-scale oil wells and geological drilling are also being developed abroad.

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