Operating principle and characteristics of down the hole hammer


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The structure of the down-the-hole hammer is that the piston, inner cylinder, valve seat, check valve and drill accessories are installed in a slender outer cylinder. The outer cylinder has an upper joint with a wrench opening and a connecting thread, and the lower end Equipped with a clamping sleeve for threaded connection.

down-the-hole hammer

   Let's take a look at the working principle and characteristics of the down-the-hole hammer.

   The compressed gas enters the hammer through the drill pipe, and then is discharged from the drill bit. The exhaust gas is used to discharge the ballast. The rotary motion of the hammer is provided by the revolving head, and the shaft thrust is provided by the propeller, which is transmitted to the hammer through the drill rod.

   The clip sleeve is mainly used to transmit propulsion and rotation to the drill bit. The snap ring controls the axial movement of the drill bit, and the check valve is used to prevent debris such as rock ballast from entering the hammer when the supply of compressed air is stopped. During the drilling process, the drill bit is pushed into the hammer and pressed on the clamp sleeve. At this time, the piston directly impacts the drill bit for rock drilling. When the drill bit is lifted from the bottom of the hole, it starts to blow strongly.

   performance characteristics

   1. The internal structure size of the hammer is designed by adopting contemporary new rock drilling theory, so that the hammer can obtain ideal energy transmission, and the single impact power is large and the rock drilling speed is faster.

  2. Unique taper diameter reduction design. If gravel and soil are stuck during drilling, the taper diameter reduction can reduce the lifting resistance and greatly reduce the failure of the hammer.

3. In order to prevent dust pollution in perforated rock drilling operations, the main parts of the product also adopt a special computer program-controlled heat treatment new technology to facilitate adding a small amount of high-pressure water to the compressed air to perform wet rock drilling to protect the operator. healthy.

  4. With this design, users can directly connect with drill pipes without reducing joints, reducing user production costs.

  5. Choose high-quality raw materials and advanced processing technology, with more stable performance and longer life.

  6. It has a simple and reliable internal structure that is easy to assemble and disassemble, with fewer failures and convenient maintenance.

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