Power source of tri-cone bit


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Power source of tri-cone bit

The power source of the three-cone drill bit is used to ensure the diameter and then fit together: from a better high-quality chip, look at the internal structure of the facility structure. It looks very fit, and definitely sharpened cutting teeth have a certain degree of rapid procurement; it is very widely used: it has been proved that it can be applied to carbonate rocks, limestones, chalk rocks, For the advancement of soft and medium-hard formations such as claystone, siltstone, and sandstone, if it is compared with ordinary drill bits, especially in the formation of grades 6-8, the effect obtained is the most obvious; three-cone drill bit The power source is now faster and easier to drill or has a longer lifespan, so the percentage of drilling down is longer and longer, and the cost of drilling is reduced even more. To a certain extent, it has a good certain ability.

tri-cone bit

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