Proper Preservation of Drilling Tools


Preserving drilling tools such as drill rods and dth hammer is crucial for maintaining their functionality and extending their lifespan. Here's how to ensure their longevity:


Drill Rod Preservation:


Internal Care: Ensure all internal water is removed and apply appropriate lubrication to prevent rust and facilitate smooth operation.

External Maintenance: Clean drill rod exteriors thoroughly, paying special attention to threads. Apply lubrication to both male and female joints and protect them with rubber caps. These inexpensive rubber covers are more than just accessories; they provide significant protection against contaminants and physical damage to the threads.

dth hammer Preservation:


Short-Term Storage:

a. Eliminate any water inside and on the surface of the dth hammer.

b. Add 1 liter of lightweight oil through the top joint.

c. Use an air blower for about 10 seconds to ensure thorough internal lubrication.

d. Place rubber caps on both the upper and lower joints.

 e. Store the dth hammer horizontally in a dry environment.


Long-Term Storage:

a. If storing for an extended period, disassemble the dth hammer, lubricate all parts properly, reassemble, and follow steps d and e of the short-term storage process.


a. Disassemble and inspect all dth hammer parts. Repair or replace any defective components to avoid shortening the tool's service life.

b. Clean and lubricate all parts accurately.

c. Once the dth hammer is properly assembled and checked, it's ready for use.


Many operators might overlook the importance of proper tool storage due to the demanding conditions of mining operations, often leaving tools improperly stored. However, effective equipment and consumable management can significantly differentiate profits among similar projects. Diligent management and maintenance can lead to substantial cost savings.


Keeping accurate records of tool wear and comparing the performance over months can inform better maintenance schedules. Adjustments such as storing tools as recommended and adhering to stringent maintenance and lubrication requirements can have a profound impact on the effectiveness and durability of drilling tools. Remember, investing time in proper tool preservation is an investment in efficiency and cost reduction.

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