The DTH hammer parts are susceptible to air pressure and the chemical in the water during the drilling process.


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Due to the harsh working conditions of the down-the-hole hammer, it has both large dust content and high humidity, and the piston reciprocating movement has a high frequency and a large impact speed, so the lubrication of the hammer is very good. important.

down the hole hammer

The purpose of the lubrication of the pneumatic hammer. The purpose of hammer lubrication is roughly as follows:

1. Reduce the friction loss of moving parts. Excessive friction due to insufficient lubrication will cause small cracks on the contact surface, such as crack propagation will cause damage to the parts. In addition, the overheating of the surface caused by excessive friction will cause local softening or regional plastic deformation of the metal, which will eventually lead to the destruction of the cylinder and piston.

2. Anti-corrosion effect. The hammer parts are susceptible to corrosion by compressed air and chemical substances in the water during the drilling process, and the coexistence of corrosion and stress in the parts will severely reduce the strength of the parts; corrosion will also make the cracks further expand or be caused by corrosion pits and corrosion. The rusty area directly causes damage to the parts. Therefore, anti-corrosion is one of the important functions of lubrication.

3. Sealing function. Proper lubrication can ensure the sealing between the moving parts of the hammer and prevent the frequency of the hammer from being reduced due to poor sealing.

Requirements for the quality of lubricating oil. The Gardner-Denver Institute of Compressed Air in the United States has put forward the following requirements for the lubrication of wind turbines:

1. Must have high liquid film strength;

2. It cannot easily erupt or interfere with the movement of the valve plate;

3. No smoke or poisonous gas can be discharged;

4. No corrosion under any conditions;

5. Can quickly lubricate all parts that need to be lubricated;

6. It can be fully lubricated under the conditions of high speed, high temperature and low temperature;

7. No sticky residue is formed in cold or hot gas;

8. It has high oiliness.

To sum up the above requirements, the lubricating oil should have suitable viscosity, good emulsification quality for compressed air flow and high liquid film strength.

Therefore, the lubricating oil is required to have an appropriate viscosity. This is because the hammer works under the condition of a large temperature difference. In order to ensure that the lubricating oil can lubricate the parts well at any temperature, the viscosity of the lubricating oil should not be too large at low temperatures, so as not to affect the flexibility of the valve. , Thereby slowing down the drilling speed; at high temperatures, the viscosity cannot be too low, otherwise it will not play a protective role.

The emulsification quality of the compressed air flow means that the lubricating oil must have the ability to resist washing and adhere to the metal surface when it encounters water. That is, when drilling, the water vapor in the compressed air is under the action of the emulsifier. It can quickly form a continuous lubricating liquid film to protect the surface of the parts, and it can also protect against rust and corrosion caused by acidic water. The so-called emulsifier is a compound formed by lubricating oil and saponified raw materials. Short-term emulsion (water-oil mixture).

The so-called liquid film strength refers to the strength of the liquid film formed by lubricating oil being squeezed between two pressed metal surfaces without breaking. In order to increase the strength of the liquid film, it is necessary to add certain additives to the lubricating oil to increase the load supported by the lubricating oil to prevent scratches and damage when the metal surface of the sliding part contacts.

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