What type of dth hammer should be selected for open-pit mines and quarries


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Drilling in open-pit mines and quarries usually requires a more durable down-the-hole hammer, because the quarry is usually a long-term work, if the DTH hammer is frequently replaced, it is too cost-effective. Some good DTH hammers can be repaired and used many times before being completely replaced, such as changing the direction of the outer tube of the DTH hammer.

Drilling of building stone (marble, etc.) pays more attention to the straightness of the hole. In the drilling of holes larger than 89mm, the down-the-hole type is usually better than the top hammer type.

Exploration drilling needs to work on relatively remote sites with poor related facilities. Therefore, the requirements for the down-the-hole hammer are simple design, high reliability, and adapt to high wind pressure drilling.

Reverse circulation percussion drilling is also commonly used. This sampling method is relatively cost-saving for diamond core drilling. The reverse-circulation DTH hammer uses the same process as the ordinary down-the-hole hammer, but it uses a reverse-circulation drill pipe. High-pressure air is blown in through the gap between the inner and outer walls of the drill pipe, and then the drill cuttings are discharged from the inner wall of the drill pipe. , And then use a dust bag to collect drill cuttings

In actual use, there is always an important factor to consider, that is, the rig hand. An experienced driller can effectively adjust the drilling parameters to reduce the probability of failure of the DTH hammer and increase the life of the DTH hammer.

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There are many choices of DTH hammers on the market, ranging from cheap to high-end ones. However, measuring the value of the DTH hammer is not only by its material and design itself, but also by considering the balance between the efficiency brought to the user and the cost of Iwami.

For example, an DTH hammer is very cheap and durable, but its fuel consumption is high. As a result, the cost of rock rice is very high. This cannot be said to be a good DTH hammer. The price of another DTH hammer is very high, but the efficiency is also high, and the cost per rock meter is low, so this is a good DTH hammer.

Of course, as a user, you also need to consider whether the DTH hammer manufacturer can provide sufficient technical support and instructions for use. This is also very important, which can effectively help our users improve drilling efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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