Working principle and structural characteristics of down-the-hole drill bits


1. Working principle of down-the-hole drill bit

The down-the-hole drill bit adopts an advanced rotary drive method, which mainly realizes the drilling process through rotation and downward pressure. Its working principle mainly includes the following steps:

1. Drill bit rotation: The down-the-hole drill bit rotates the drill bit through the rotation of the drill rod, so that the drilling tool on the drill rod contacts the formation and quickly cuts the rock formation.

2. Down-pressure transmission: The down-the-hole drill bit transmits pressure to the drill bit through the down-pressure device, so that the drill bit exerts enough pressure to drill holes in the rock formation.

3. Drill cuttings cleaning: During the drilling process, the down-the-hole drill bit also needs to use the flow of drilling fluid to clean the generated drill cuttings out of the hole in time to ensure the smooth progress of drilling.

2. Structural characteristics of down-the-hole drill bits

The structural design of the down-the-hole drill bit is very delicate, and its main components include drill rod, pilot drill rod, drill bit, drilling fluid supply system, etc. Among them, the drill bit is the core component of the entire down-the-hole drill bit, and its structural features mainly include the following aspects:

1. Drill blades: The blades of down-the-hole drill bits are made of special alloy materials, which have high hardness and wear resistance and can cut efficiently in rocks.

2. Drill bit guide device: In order to ensure the accuracy of drilling, the down-the-hole drill bit is also equipped with a guide device, which can effectively control the inclination angle and direction of the drill hole.

3. Drill bit connection method: The brazing method of down-the-hole drill bits adopts threaded connection or locking connection, which can ensure the stability and reliability of the drilling process.

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