• Down the hole DTH bits Mission Bits
Down the hole DTH bits Mission Bits
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The drill bit bodies are made from precision hardened nickel molybdenum steel, with a compound curve shape for faster and smoother cutting and easier removal of cuttings

Down the hole DTH bits Mission Bits

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Mission DTH bits:

The Mission DTH hammers are renowned for their exceptional performance and durability in various drilling applications. Specifically designed to work in conjunction with DTH bits, these hammers deliver powerful impact forces to break through challenging rock formations effectively.

The "Mission" series offers a range of models to suit different drilling requirements. These hammers are meticulously engineered using advanced technologies to ensure optimal energy transfer, resulting in high penetration rates and reduced drilling times.

Key features of the Mission DTH hammers include:

  1. 1.Robust Construction: Manufactured from high-grade materials, the Mission series hammers are built to withstand rigorous drilling conditions and provide long-lasting performance.

  2. 2.Efficient Energy Transfer: The hammers are designed to deliver maximum energy to the DTH bit, enabling efficient rock penetration and minimizing energy loss.

  3. 3.Versatility: The Mission series includes various models with different impact power and drilling capabilities, allowing users to select the most suitable hammer for their specific drilling needs.

  4. 4.Easy Maintenance: The hammers are designed for easy disassembly and maintenance, ensuring quick and hassle-free serviceability.

When paired with the corresponding DTH bits, the Mission series DTH hammers form a highly effective drilling system that maximizes productivity and ensures superior drilling performance. Together, they offer a comprehensive solution for professionals in industries such as mining, construction, and geotechnical exploration.

At Liaoning Gaea, we take pride in providing high-quality DTH bits and hammers, including the Mission series, to our valued customers. Our products are meticulously manufactured and undergo rigorous quality control processes to meet industry standards and exceed customer expectations.

For more detailed information about our Mission series DTH hammers and their compatibility with DTH bits, please feel free to reach out to our sales team. We are dedicated to assisting you in finding the most suitable drilling solutions for your specific needs.

The Gaea DTH button bit designs are well known and extensively used around the world. Whatever conditions you're dealing with, our drill bits make the job easier. They are fitted with Gaea's proprietary cemented carbide buttons, which are designed to drill further. The drill bit bodies are made from precision hardened nickel molybdenum steel, with a compound curve shape for faster and smoother cutting and easier removal of cuttings.

The bits in the new range have an optimized head length with maximized steel support for the cemented carbide buttons, deep face grooves for excellent flushing and an aggressive cutting structure.

Mission series is DTH hammer&bits designed by group. This series of products is characterized by a large amplitude at the location where Half ring is installed on the bit, and the tail is obviously smaller than the shank.This product is widely used in Europe, America, Africa, Australia and other regions.

The Mission series is divided into mission40, mission50, mission60, mission80, etc. The drill hole diameter is 110mm~254mm.The series DTH hammer&bits is a DTH product series that is widely used at present.

DTH Tapered Button Bits For Mission Series

Down the hole


Proprietary Gaea carbide ensures high quality and performance

Carbide grade options for long life in challenging applications

Face designs to maximize penetration rate and tool life

Optimized flushing designs to aid in cuttings removal and reduce wear

Down the hole

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