Troubles and solutions of down-the-hole hammer

Common faults and solutions of down-the-hole hammer: down-the-hole hammer are widely used in mining, water conservancy, hydropower, highway, railway, national defense, construction and other projects where metallurgy, coal, chemicals, and building materials are not busy. It has reliable working performance and is the ideal blast hole drilling equipment. Usually the hammer will have some failures, how to solve these failures?

down the hole hammer

   Analysis of the causes of weak impact

1. The outer sleeve is installed upside down;

2. The cylinder is severely worn.

  Impact and weak elimination method

   1. Adjust and reassemble the outer tube; 2. Replace with new ones.

   Analysis of the reason why the gas is not shocked

   1. The check valve is stuck;

   2. The viscosity of the lubricating oil is too high, which will stick the piston;

  3. After the drill bit is stretched out, it will seize to the front joint and cannot be reset;

  4, poor lubrication, piston and cylinder seizure;

   5. The valve stroke is too large or too small;

  6, the valve disc is in poor contact with the valve cover and valve seat air ring;

  7, the movement of the valve plate is blocked;

   8. Wrong or missing parts.

   no impact removal method

   1. Remove the check valve for maintenance;

  2, open the check valve, add a small amount of gasoline to flush, and then replace the thinner lubricating oil;

  3. Remove the drill bit for maintenance;

  4. Disassemble and overhaul, replace parts if necessary, and improve lubrication conditions;

   5. Replace the valve plate;

  6. Check the plane of the valve plate and the plane of the valve cover and valve seat air ring for bumps and scratches, and then repair or replace with new ones;

  7. Repair the valve hole or spring pin to make the movement flexible;

   8. Reinstall the order of installation and drawings.

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