What need to pay attention to when using water well drilling rig

Water well drilling rig is a kind of mechanical equipment for surface drilling. It can be used in large-scale field water wells, oil wells and natural gas well drilling equipment. It is also a small portable single-person equipment. Let’s talk about water well drilling rigs. Pay attention to in use.

     1. Scrub the exterior of the rig clean, and pay attention to the cleaning and smoothness of the rig's base slide and vertical shaft.

     2. Check whether all exposed bolts, nuts, safety pins, etc. are strong and reliable.

    3. Add lubricating oil or grease according to the lubricating requirements.

    4. Check the oil level position of the gearbox, transfer case and hydraulic system oil tank.

    5. Check the oil leakage situation everywhere and deal with it according to the situation.

    6. Eliminate other problems that occur in the class.

water well drilling

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