How to store and use mining drill pipes are all things we should master


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How to store and use mining drill pipes are all things we should master. The drill pipe is the main component of the rotary drilling rig. Correct use can prolong the service life and reduce the occurrence of failures. Here, I would like to share with my friends the key points of using the drill pipe of the rotary drilling rig. Not much to say, let's find out together.

Mining drill pipe storage:

1) When the drill pipes are disassembled and placed, they should be leveled with sleepers to prevent collision and local deformation, and to prevent debris from entering the interior between the drill pipes of each layer, causing jamming problems.

2) When the drill pipe needs to be placed out of service for a long time, the inner tooth section should be washed in time to ensure that there is no silt, dregs and other debris inside the drill pipe, so as to prevent the silt and other debris from consolidating and affecting the next use.

3) After the drill pipe is installed, turn the drill pipe forward and reverse several times before construction to avoid debris entering the inside of the drill pipe due to long-term idleness and causing jamming.

Safe use of mine drill pipe:

1) After the drilling rig has been working for a period of time, check whether there is any leakage in each support cylinder, so as to prevent the mast from tilting forward, backward, left and right, resulting in oblique holes.

2) Make sure that the drill pipe and the drill bit are firmly connected to prevent the drill pin from falling off and the drill bit from falling to the bottom of the hole.

3) Understand the position of the drill bit in the hole after each section of the drill pipe is extended, and at the same time understand the extension state of each section of the drill pipe at a certain depth. In this way, when lifting the drill pipe, you will know which section of the drill pipe starts to rise, which section of the drill pipe is mentioned in the main volume, and the approximate range of the lifting force. When the lifting force changes significantly, you will know whether it has occurred With a pole, so as not to drop the pole.

4) During use, if there is often a rod phenomenon, the drill pipe should be put down in time. After disassembling according to the dismantling steps, carry out inspection and maintenance.

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