Precautions, daily maintenance and overhaul of the use of jack hammer



1. Before using the jack hammer, lubricate the jack hammer with oil.

2. When using the jack hammers, there should be no less than 3 spare jack hammers, and the continuous working time of each jack hammer should not exceed 2.5h.

3. During operation, hold the handle of the pick and press it in the direction of the chisel, so that the pick is strong against the socket.

4. The inner diameter of the selected trachea should be 16mm, and the length should not exceed 12m, and ensure that the pipe is clean and clean and the trachea joint is firmly and reliably connected.

5. During operation, do not insert all the picks and drills into broken objects to prevent air strikes.

6. When the pickaxe is stuck in the titanium lump, do not shake the pickaxe violently to avoid damage to the body.

7. During operation, choose the pick and drill reasonably. According to the hardness of the titanium lump, choose different pick and rock drill. The harder the titanium lump, the shorter the pick and drill, and pay attention to check the heating of the shank to prevent the pick and drill from being stuck.

8. When drilling the burrs, it should be handled in time, and the burrs should not be used for drilling operations.

9. Air strikes are strictly prohibited.

routine maintenance

1. The normal working air pressure of the jack hammer is 0.5MPa. During normal operation, add lubricating oil every 2h. When filling oil, first remove the air pipe joint, place the jack hammer at an angle, press the handle of the pick, and inject from the connecting pipe.

2. During the use of the jack hammer, disassemble it at least twice a week, clean it with clean kerosene, dry it, apply lubricating oil, and then assemble it. When parts are found to be worn and out of order, they should be replaced in time, and it is strictly forbidden to work with jack hammers.

3. When the accumulative use time of the jack hammer reaches more than 8h, the jack hammer should be cleaned.

4. When the jack hammer is idle for more than a week, oil the jack hammer for maintenance.

5. Polish the burr pick and drill in time.

Machine maintenance

1. There are no less than 3 spare jack hammers in the take-out process, and no more than 3 jack hammers to be repaired.

2. The maintenance time of sending the jack hammer for maintenance shall not exceed 2 days.

3. The grinding interval of the pick and drill mouth in use is not more than 15 days.

4. When the jack hammer is scrapped, the average life span is not less than 100t sponge titanium/piece.

5. For the broken pick and drill, a section of the shank adapter should be recycled and the drill mouth should be polished in time.

6. Scrap the unusable jack hammers, recycle the usable parts, and stack the scrapped jack hammers uniformly.

jack hammer

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