What are the precautions for using underground mining drill pipes


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Earlier we talked about the methods for cleaning downhole mining drill pipes. Next, let's take a look at what are the precautions when using downhole mining drill pipes. Next, follow in the footsteps of Gaea, take a look down together, let's learn about it together.

The bottom of the downhole mining drill pipe is threaded with ordinary steel pipes, and it is generally used to connect the ground equipment of the drill bit.

1. We need to choose the appropriate model of downhole mining drill pipe according to the push-pull force, torque, etc. of the drilling rig.

2. During construction, never use a drill pipe with a large diameter to connect a drill pipe with a small diameter. This will easily lead to deformation of the small drill pipe due to insufficient strength.

3. When using a vise to clamp the drill pipe, do not clamp the female buckle part of the female connector, otherwise the female buckle will be easily damaged.

4. Before installing the underground mining drill pipe, the female and male buckles should be cleaned up, and threaded oil should be applied to reduce the wear on the female buckle and the male buckle. Before installing the drill pipe, clean the water channel hole to prevent debris from blocking the channel and causing the mud system to hold back pressure.

5. It is necessary to check the wear of various parts of the underground mining drill pipe frequently. If the wear is serious, the worn parts should be replaced in time to prevent dangerous situations during construction.

6. When hoisting, avoid damaging the male buckle. If you find wrong buckle or random buckle, you should replace it in time to avoid damaging the thread of the drill pipe.

7. Do not mix downhole mining drill pipes of different buckle types, even if the drill pipes of the same manufacturer, old and new ones, and the degree of wear are too different, do not mix them to avoid danger during construction.

The purpose of the downhole mining drill pipe is to use the drill bit to carry the drilling mud, and with the drill bit rising, lowering or rotating the drilling device. In the process of oil and gas extraction and refining, underground mining drill pipes can be used many times.

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