• Rock Splitter Hydraulic Rock Splitter Manufacturers Rock Drill Excavator
  • Rock Splitter Hydraulic Rock Splitter Manufacturers Rock Drill Excavator
  • Rock Splitter Hydraulic Rock Splitter Manufacturers Rock Drill Excavator
  • Rock Splitter Hydraulic Rock Splitter Manufacturers Rock Drill Excavator
  • Rock Splitter Hydraulic Rock Splitter Manufacturers Rock Drill Excavator
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Rock Splitter Hydraulic Rock Splitter Manufacturers Rock Drill Excavator
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The hydraulic rock splitting machine uses hydraulic pressure to swell and crack the rock without splitting and breaking the rock without vibration and sound.we are a hydraulic rock splitter manufacturers china.

Rock Splitter Hydraulic Rock Splitter Manufacturers Rock Drill Excavator

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Hydraulic rock splitter introduction:

The hydraulic rock splitter, developed and manufactured by Liaoning Gaea. As a leading player in the industry, we take pride in offering a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes rock breaking in mining operations.

The hydraulic rock splitter, also known as a hydraulic splitter or hydraulic stone splitter, is a powerful and versatile tool specifically designed for the mining sector. Leveraging advanced hydraulic technology, our rock splitter provides an efficient and controlled method for breaking down large rocks, boulders, and concrete structures, offering exceptional precision and productivity.

At Liaoning Gaea, we prioritize research and development, dedicating substantial resources to create innovative solutions that meet the ever-evolving demands of the mining industry. Our hydraulic rock splitter stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Through continuous refinement and technological advancements, we have developed a product that ensures superior performance and outstanding results.

One of the primary advantages of our hydraulic rock splitter lies in its exceptional application effectiveness in mining operations. With its immense splitting force and precise control, it enables efficient fragmentation of rocks and minerals, facilitating ore extraction and enhancing overall productivity. Whether used in surface mining or underground operations, our hydraulic rock splitter excels in various mining environments, tackling even the most challenging geological formations.

Our hydraulic rock splitter offers numerous benefits to mining operations. First and foremost, it promotes safety by eliminating the need for hazardous explosives and reducing the risks associated with traditional rock-breaking methods. The controlled splitting action minimizes flyrock, vibrations, and dust generation, ensuring a safer and healthier work environment for mining personnel.

Moreover, the versatility of our hydraulic rock splitter extends beyond mining applications. It finds utility in a wide range of industries, including civil engineering, construction, and demolition. From site preparation and quarrying to concrete removal and renovation projects, our rock splitter demonstrates remarkable adaptability, proving to be a valuable asset for diverse applications.

Liaoning Gaea takes pride in our manufacturing and R&D capabilities. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a team of experienced engineers, we employ stringent quality control measures throughout the production process. This commitment to excellence guarantees that our hydraulic rock splitter meets the highest industry standards and surpasses customer expectations.

Furthermore, we provide comprehensive after-sales support, including technical assistance, spare parts availability, and servicing. Our dedicated team of experts is always ready to address any queries or concerns, ensuring a seamless experience for our valued customers.

In conclusion, the hydraulic rock splitter, or hydraulic stone splitter, produced by Liaoning Gaea, represents a game-changing solution for the mining industry. With its exceptional application effectiveness, safety features, and versatility, it enables efficient rock breaking and enhances productivity in mining operations. Trust in our expertise and experience the unparalleled performance and reliability of our hydraulic rock splitter.

For more detailed information, technical specifications, and personalized assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve you and establish a long-lasting partnership.

High quality of hydraulic rock splitter manufacturers:

Excavator Mounted Piston Splitter andy hydraulic rock splitter

Hydraulic rock Splitter 

The hydraulic rock splitting machine uses hydraulic pressure to swell and crack the rock without splitting and breaking the rock without vibration and sound. It can easily break thousands of cubic meters of hard rock, and is powerful enough to achieve the construction effect of large spacing and large cracks even without a volcanic surface. This is the only one in the hydraulic splitting machine industry. It is more than ten times faster than the way of using a hammer, expansion crusher, and roulette cutter, and the cost is lower.,we are an high quality manufacturers of hydraulic rock splitter,please feel free to email to us.

When the hydraulic splitting rod is working, you can use rock drills and down-the-hole drills to drill holes with large diameters, the hole depth is at least 1 meter, and then put the hydraulic splitting rod in the punched hole, start the hydraulic pump, and multiple hydraulic splits At the same time, the rod extends out of the split hole. Splitting rod or crawler-type down-the-hole drill. The drill hole diameter of the hydraulic splitting rod is small to large cm, and the drill spacing is up to a meter row, and the drilled hole is about a meter. Each time the row is put into the splitting rod, the large splitting rod needs to be installed by an excavator In the hole, the hydraulic power station(rock splitter machine) generates a working pressure of 1,000 to ton in two minutes, which can swell and crack about a cubic stone. The hydraulic pulverizer series products are powerful tools among similar products, using high-quality and high-performance oil cylinders for different working conditions! Engineering application in modern times, the development of mining resources is facing pressure from two aspects.

Control the reversing valve to extend and split. After the rock cracks a small fine line, the reversing valve reverses, the rod and the inner wedge retract, and the splitting machine is rotated to make it in the same direction as the initial crack. Turn it around. Compared with the operation, the rock splitting machine has a series of advantages such as simple structure, convenient operation, high operation efficiency, low cost, environmental protection and protection. Welders are special operations, because many safety issues are involved, so they must be certified. Quality is the guarantee of trust.

However, the compressive strength of broken concrete and rock is usually very high, but the tensile strength is lower than its compressive strength. Cost-saving, silent rock mining, hydraulic stonework. It not only has all the advantages of crushing agent construction, but also has advantages in construction cost, schedule, safety, environmental protection, usability, performance, flexibility, etc. The airborne hydraulic splitter splits giant rocks. The airborne hydraulic splitter splits the giant rock. The giant rock was provided by Dong. The rock machine has the characteristics of small size, light weight, convenient operation, reliability, flexibility, high working efficiency, no vibration, no impact, no noise, no dust, direction controllability, and economical reality. 

It is currently in mining It is widely used in the mining industry and infrastructure construction such as stone, minerals, etc. It is quite used in rural construction, river dredging, and disaster relief. The incineration plant must remove gaseous pollutants and particulates from the waste gas generated in the atmosphere, and the remaining residue can be used for other purposes such as building materials or can be landfilled. The hydraulic power station is mainly composed of a power source, an ultra-high pressure oil pump, a pressure relief valve, a hydraulic oil tank and a transport frame (vehicle).

hydraulic concrete splitter

Generally, the crushed rock has high compressive strength and low tensile strength. The hydraulic rock splitter uses ultra-high pressure oil as the energy source, and the ultra-high pressure oil output by the hydraulic power station is driven by the mechanical booster to drive the hydraulic rod. The internal oil cylinder generates a huge driving force, so that the splitting machine pushes the hydraulic top in the splitting rod to extend outward to swell the rock, and the hydraulic pressure is instantly high pressure.

darda hydraulic rock splitter

Hydraulic Rock Splitter Working Principle:

During operation, the pump station outputs high-pressure oil to drive the cylinder, which generates a huge thrust. When the high-pressure oil outputted by the hydraulic station pushes the middle wedge of the splitting gun forward, the side wedges are spread to both sides, and the object to be split in a predetermined direction in a short time.

Hydraulic rock Splitter


hydraulic concrete splitter


darda hydraulic rock splitter

Compared with the operation, the rock splitting machine has a series of advantages such as simple structure, convenient operation, high operation efficiency, low cost, environmental protection and protection. This kind of people here have a "problem", because they deliberately set a distance from the secular, and are not in the field of application of large-scale splitting machines: mining field: mining of quarry stone: granite, marble, sandstone, limestone Wait. 


Liaoning Gaea Stone Splitting Stone Breaker Lifetime Service Large airborne splitting has the following characteristics: it does not require skilled workers, and it is an upgraded version of the splitting machine. Silent non-explosion technology rock splitting machine hydraulic splitting machine, silent non-explosion technology rock splitting machine hydraulic splitting machine, also known as the machine uses hydraulic oil as the energy source, and cleverly applies the principle of oblique bond to split The mechanical power can reach hundreds of tons, even thousands of tons, so that thousands of tons of boulders can be split easily in a few seconds, so that the rocks can be separated from the mountain. Mainly engaged in secondary mining stone mining machinery, engineering and construction machinery products. For large mine crushers, the motor stops rotating. Its characteristics are safety, fast speed and adjustable oil pressure. Municipal infrastructure in the engineering field, widely used in urban construction. Petrol station, the time is controlled within minutes, compared with the construction, the construction cost is low and the construction efficiency is high. It is the energy source of high-pressure hydraulic oil produced by the hydraulic pump station, which is delivered to the cylinder pipe of each splitter (also known as split) through the oil pipe.

Hydraulic rock Splitter

Rock Splitter Machine Features:

Hydraulic separator is working under static hydraulic environment, with quick flow and adjustable hydraulic pressure.

The hydraulic rock splitter machine can complete the splitting process in a few seconds, and it can work continuously, without interruption, and with high efficiency.

Low operating and maintenance costs, no isolation, and long service life.

hydraulic concrete splitter


1.What is a Hydraulic Rock Splitter?

A Hydraulic Rock Splitter is a specialized tool used in mining and quarrying operations to split large rocks or boulders. It utilizes hydraulic force to create controlled cracks and separate the rock into smaller pieces.

2.How does a Hydraulic Rock Splitter work?

A Hydraulic Rock Splitter consists of a hydraulic pump, wedges, and a splitting cylinder. The hydraulic force generated by the pump is used to insert the wedges into pre-drilled holes in the rock, creating cracks and splitting the rock.

3.What are the advantages of using a Hydraulic Rock Splitter?

Hydraulic Rock Splitters offer several advantages, including precision splitting, reduced noise and vibration, increased safety compared to traditional methods, efficient operation, and the ability to work in various rock formations.

4.What types of rocks can a Hydraulic Rock Splitter split?

A Hydraulic Rock Splitter can split a wide range of rocks, including granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, and concrete. It is effective in both hard and soft rock formations.

5.How is a Hydraulic Rock Splitter operated?

A Hydraulic Rock Splitter is operated by connecting it to a hydraulic power unit, such as a hydraulic pump or power pack. The operator controls the splitting process by adjusting the hydraulic pressure.

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