• Hydraulic rock splitter,electric power peak rock splitting machine
  • Hydraulic rock splitter,electric power peak rock splitting machine
  • Hydraulic rock splitter,electric power peak rock splitting machine
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Hydraulic rock splitter,electric power peak rock splitting machine
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Hydraulic splitting rods are also called rock splitting rods, rock breaking rods, rods, stone splitting tools, rock breakers, rock splitting rods, concrete splitting rods,rock splitter machine,rock splitter,used hydraulic rock splitter for sale,rock splitting equipment etc.

Hydraulic rock splitter,electric power peak rock splitting machine

Introduction of Hydraulic splitting rods

Rock splitting rods are a new product developed by us, splitting rods It consists of a hydraulic pump station and a splitter. The splitting rod is driven by the high-pressure oil from the pumping station to drive the cylinder to generate a lot of driving force. After being mechanically amplified, the object can be split in a predetermined direction.

Introduction to the cracking stone rod: The cracking stone rod replaces the crushing method of and. The rock cracker must have a volley surface when using the rock cracker.

1. The volley surface must be manufactured first, and the method of manufacturing the volley surface includes drilling oblique holes and core drilling machine manufacturing;

 2. After the volley surface comes out, drill a hole on the side of the volley surface, and then put the rock in the cracking rod hole. The rock can be split in about 5-12 seconds. The output of the rock depends on the drilling speed and the slag removal speed. .

Suitable for silent mining of various hard rocks, granite, volcanic rock, quartzite, basalt, quartz porphyry, siliceous schist, sandstone, limestone, marble, dolomite, pyrite, etc. A large amount of stone is mined silently, the breaking hammer cannot be moved, the expansion agent cannot be separated, the splitting machine is slow, and the hydraulic splitting rod is a wise choice.

rock splitter machine

1. The main function of hydraulic splitting machine:

    1. The mining of blocks in the quarry, the second disintegration of large ore (metallic or non-metallic);

    2. Partial and complete operations of concrete components (cement pavement, machine tool foundation, bridge and house components);

    3. Demolition of concrete structures indoors or in narrow spaces;

    4. Excavation of ditches and other rocks, etc.

    2. Which application fields and industries are it suitable for?

    1. Quarrying and mining industry

    01. Mining of large blocks; mining of blocks of thousands of cubic meters can be realized.

    02. Segmentation of large blocks; the production of blocks of less than 1 cubic meter can be realized.

    03. A large piece of waste rock, level the site.

    2. Construction project

    01. Digging.

    02. Extension of underground mine tunnels.

    03. Highway hole and excavation.

    04. Subway excavation.

    05. Seabed excavation.

    06. Underground artificial river excavation.

    3. Demolition project

    01. Demolition of concrete and reinforced concrete.

    02. Demolition of old houses.

    03. Demolition of the old building.

    04. Demolition of the old bridge piers.

    05. Old ground.

rock splitter

    Static rock blasting hard rock breaking operation process The specific operation is to determine the direction and cross-sectional drilling depth of rock demolishing and the number of splits selected according to the thickness, volume and fractured layer of the stripped rock layer or disintegrated rock; on the cross section Drilling a hole with a depth of ~ cm is for efficiency. The drilling operation can be carried out in advance; splitting can be demolished according to the fractured layer. The economic consumption of the hydraulic splitter break-down method is electricity, labor, wages, and mechanical loss; while the breaking hammer operation basically selects "rental machinery with operators", and its economic consumption is high rental fees and consumption of diesel energy.

    After the rock cracks, the reversing valve is closed, the piston rod and the inner wedge are retracted, and the split is lifted to complete the splitting operation. The rock splitting machine aims at hard rock that is difficult to break and remove. It is a gravel equipment for major building demolition and road construction projects. To ensure that everyone can improve work efficiency at the same time, the rock splitting machine chooses Gaea Rock.

New gas rock demolition system:

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